A different way to grow

Our purpose

We believe that accelerating growth is the most important mission of the private sector in taking our economy and society towards a better future. We also believe that great leadership involves creating an environment of freedom, support, and respect.

This is why our community empowers every member to grow and thrive freely on their own terms, but not alone. Backed by the Bravedo community, our member companies can create innovative solutions that best serve their customers.

We provide a meaningful, collaborative, challenging, and growth-friendly place to work for the brave visionaries, doers, and entrepreneurs who are the heart of our community.

Brave and free

Scaling up is hard to do. Many small businesses struggle to create a strategic vision for the future and finance their growth plans.

Being brave is easier in good company. We provide all members of our close-knit community with business support services and growth financing.

Freedom and responsibility are the main drivers of our community culture and business mindset. We stand behind our members, but give them full freedom and responsibility to grow in the best way they see fit.

1999 Established in Helsinki
25 Member business
7500 Employees worldwide

Operating in 11 countries


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