Forming culture and values [1999-2006]


With a guiding philosophy of minimal hierarchy, we establish a decentralized management model.

We set five core principles for the business: Respect for individuality, customer-centricity, productivity, continuous learning and ability to change. 





Barona is founded



[Forenom is founded]


[We expand our business to Estonia 🇪🇪]


[We expand our business to Russia 🇷🇺]
[We expand into outsourcing because our customers need a more comprehensive solution to their personnel resourcing needs.]

Forming structured processes [2007-2012]


Due to our rapid business growth, we need more structure, governance, and common processes. The economic downturn teaches us new ways to grow and stay relevant.



[We expand our business to Sweden 🇸🇪]


[We expand our business to Poland 🇵🇱]

Barona acquires Saranen Consulting. We start off by trying to merge the two companies but soon realize that it won't work.

After careful deliberation, we reinstate the Saranen brand, give back its autonomy, and sit back as the business starts to thrive again. This teaches us a valuable lesson about corporate identity and culture.



[Momentous, an executive search company, is founded. After Forenom, this is the first independent brand to become a part of the community.]
[We decide that all business units are free to grow according to their own strategies within the market. We stop trying to bring all newly acquired companies under existing brands, and empower our business units to become independent and synergetic.]

Freedom, responsibility, and diversification [2012-2017]


Throughout this phase, we invest in a diverse range of companies that would best suit the synergic needs of our community. We increasingly begin focusing on technology companies, as most of our business units are in the work-life sector and largely impacted by digitalization.

We also extend our operations to the social and healthcare field. Aiming to be the best growth platform, we encourage collaboration between our independent and synergic companies.



[Wunderdog, a coding and design agency, is co-created with Reaktor—a prominent company in digital development.]
[We expand our business to Spain 🇪🇸]


[We expand our business to Denmark 🇩🇰]
[RecRight, a video recruitment platform, is created as a spinoff within Bravedo.]
[Finitec, a tech talent agency, joins Bravedo as a joint venture of Barona and Reaktor.]

We restructure our healthcare services and form Luona.

This coincidentally happens just before the immigration crisis in the Middle East.

The crisis falls into Luona’s lap. They are able to take immediate action and make sure that the inflow of people in political plight have decent living situations and get the care they needed.



[We expand our business to Norway 🇳🇴]
[Túlka, a mobile interpretation service company is founded as a spinoff of Bravedo.]


[Avain Logistiikka, a full-service logistics company, joins Bravedo.]
[Opteam joins Bravedo. The two forerunners within the private employment sector (Barona, Opteam) start to merge their forces.]
[Suomen Rakennuslogistiikka, a construction logistics company, joins Bravedo.]
[Cresco, an occupational and organization support services company, joins Bravedo.]
[Perusterveys, a private healthcare company, joins Bravedo.]
[Polar Squad, a DevOps company, joins Bravedo.]
[We expand our business to the Philippines 🇵🇭]
[We expand our business to Slovakia  🇸🇰]
[TalentGate, a recruitment company, joins Bravedo.]

The recent years [2018 - present]


[Creators, a spinoff of Barona’s engineering recruitment unit, joins Bravedo. The company recruits engineers to join the Creator-tribe and offers engineering projects to customers.]
[Advance B2B, a growth marketing agency, joins Bravedo.]
[Matter Agency, a marketing agency, joins Bravedo.]
[OrangIT, a software maintenance company, joins Bravedo.]
[Aitomation, a new digital workforce solutions venture, joins Bravedo.]
[Snowfox AI, an internal spinoff developed by combining different capabilities of several Bravedo-companies, is founded. Using the AI developed for Barona’s recruitment software, Jelpp, Snowfox AI is a solution that automates the manual booking phase of the accounts receivable processes.]
[D2, a data analysis solutions provider, joined Bravedo.]
[We expand our business to Germany 🇩🇪]