About us

Social & healthcare to public sector, insurance companies and private healthcare service providers

Social and health care company Luona is a leading provider of health counselling, health assessment and health and social care guidance to 2 million citizens in Finland. We also support more than 5 000 social care customers with daily support, accommodation, and social care services. As a social and health care service operator, Luona seamlessly integrates the offering of public, private, and NGO sector social and health services to meet customer needs.

Our services

  • Health councelling and health assessment

  • eHealth

  • Social and health care service integration

  • Social support and services

  • Reception centers for asylum seekers

Some of our clients

Finnish Immigration Service, City of Tampere, Mehiläinen, City of Helsinki, City of Espoo, City of Vantaa, Northern Finland hospital district, Central Finland Health Care District, If