Care solutions to meet today’s most demanding needs.

Changes in Finnish society, such as the aging population and the decline in the dependency ratio, demand a great deal from social and healthcare actors including transparency, cooperation, effectiveness, and responsibility.

Right now, the total costs of dealing with the challenges ahead will surpass the funds available. We want to work together to develop new ways of working that benefit people and society as a whole.

Simultaneously, the whole social & healthcare landscape is changing. With the help of digitalization, we are moving from treating the sick to preventive healthcare. Social and healthcare professionals diagnose and treat more and more patients remotely. This not only opens up opportunities but also poses new challenges for both the technology used and the medical staff’s skills.

Artificial intelligence and robotics already carry parts of the medical staff’s workload by improving the reliability and speed of diagnoses and by automating routine tasks. This gives them more time and resources for meaningful patient care.

The pace of these changes will only accelerate further. We want to be at the forefront of social and health care transformation.

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