Digital solutions for building & accelerating businesses.

Digitalization changes everything, and it may do so faster and with more power than we can even imagine. The platform economy, rising digital workforce, advanced data analytics, and AI, —these are all becoming the norm —meaning the road to competitive advantage by using technology isn’t a walk in the park. 

Our businesses can help you tackle this inevitable change. With our unique expertise and the power of our collaborative community, we help you gain those unfair competitive advantages.

Here are just some of the ways our businesses can help you win:

  • Using AI and software robotics for automating repetitive tasks, such as dealing with incoming purchase invoices.
  • Providing access to a 24/7, instant live interpretation service through a mobile app.
  • Automating knowledge work in business processes with low code, low cost IT solutions.
  • Helping you tackle your growth bottlenecks by using marketing and sales technologies to their fullest potential including marketing automation, chatbots, website personalization, AI-based lead scoring and more.

We are continuously developing our combined technology capabilities by applying a MECE philosophy—“mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive”—in our tech community. 

Get to know our companies:

Joining forces for your unfair competitive edge

When two or more Bravedo companies join forces to better serve you, there’s no limit to what we can help you achieve. 

It’s not just about combining our technological skill sets, but about adding value through the digital solutions offered by our companies in the working life and social & healthcare sectors. 

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