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Bravedo is an organization with expertise in three key domains: People Operations, Tech & Data, and Strategy & Process Design. We believe that behind every organization’s success lies the utilization of these three elements.

Operating with an ecosystem model, we leverage a carefully crafted structure and model to align with our objectives. By fostering specialization within our companies, we create an environment that draws the best talents to our teams.

With these cross-functional teams, we consistently deliver greater value to our customers. Our commitment is strong — we never compromise on excellence.







700+ M€

Combined turnover

Our story

Bravedo’s journey began with a clear mission: to enhance the way businesses and the public sector operate, ensuring efficiency and sustainability across all industries. Our story starts in 1999 with Barona, which set the stage for our growth into a comprehensive provider of People Operations services.

Our company is built on a culture of entrepreneurship and customer focus, with a continuous drive for excellence. We’re dedicated to helping our customers become more effective and future-proof.

With the rise of the digital era, we developed our Tech & Data pillar, recognizing the essential role of technology in advancing human potential. This strategic move ensured that we stay at the forefront of technological integration.

As complexities grew, so did our resolve to simplify. We forged our third pillar, Strategy & Process Design, to refine customer insights and streamline workflows, solidifying our role as architects of efficiency. 

Today, Bravedo stands as a group of over 40 specialized tech and service companies, operating in 11 countries, with net sales exceeding 700 million euros. And our journey continues, Bravedo remains committed to leading the charge in creating efficient and measurable solutions for the B2B and public sectors.

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Our Purpose: Building a better, sustainable business world and society

At Bravedo, our mission is to create a more functional and sustainable business environment. We believe that sustainable development and success go hand in hand. By employing a diverse workforce and developing innovative solutions across our services and technology, we contribute to societal well-being and economic growth. As a significant player in Finland, Bravedo aims to set an example of responsible business practices.

Responsibility is at the core of our operations. It permeates everything we do: from how we treat our employees to our environmental considerations and the value we create for our clients. We continuously strive to improve our practices and remain open to new, sustainable innovations. Together, we can shape a future where business supports holistic societal well-being.


Our method

We've departed from the traditional corporate setup, empowering expert teams to form specialized companies, excelling in their expertise. These synergistic companies operate swiftly, devoid of traditional setup constraints, collaborating and shaping our services according to customer needs.

We specialize in tailoring solutions to meet each customer's unique needs, ranging from individual offerings of each Bravedo company to integrated services across our network. We offer a single solution for easy partnerships.


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