Empowering Human Potential

We help your organization in empowering the entire human capital through comprehensive services for work, learning, and well-being.


Increasing productivity through People Driven Solutions

People Operations offering includes solutions for work, learning, and well-being, recognizing the success for any organization lies in the performance of these three areas. As part of the Bravedo Group, Barona stands as the market leader in Finland within these fields and is among the largest employers in the country.

Annually, we recruit over 30,000 individuals for our clients and our own companies, revolutionizing workplaces with services aimed at fostering the growth of both people and businesses.




Trained for new professions




Individuals at risk of disability guided into new careers

Comprehensive solutions in work, well-being, and learning


Comprehensive solutions in work, well-being, and learning

We navigate the full employee lifecycle, providing targeted solutions at each employment stage. Our expertise lies in managing people—recruiting, training, and ensuring their well-being. We address the Nordics' skill gap by revitalizing individual and corporate competencies and fostering global workforce mobility. We stay ahead of work-life trends, innovate job search methods, and modernize work forms, all through a human-centric lens.

Global Reach with Local Expertise


Global Reach with Local Expertise

While our primary focus is on the Nordic region, our influence extends across Europe. With over 30 locations nationwide and a presence in nine countries across Europe and globally, Barona's influence resonates throughout Europe. Our services stretch to Spain, Estonia, Poland, and Macedonia, sourcing global talent for European markets, especially from Asia and Central Europe.

Industry Expertise, Tailored Solutions


Industry Expertise, Tailored Solutions

With over two decades of experience, Baron boasts deep industry expertise in workforce management and industry-specific challenges and opportunities. Our tailored solutions, including service centers, logistics support, international recruitment, and reception centers, are designed to accelerate our clients' operations and drive success.

Barona is at the heart of empowering people and businesses to grow and thrive. Our innovative solutions in staffing, recruitment, and well-being are designed to enhance the world of work and foster continuous learning and development.


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