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Working life - technologies - social & healthcare

The Bravedo growth community is a group of businesses and people who want to grow together. Bravedo businesses operate in the fields of working life, technologies and social & healthcare. All Bravedo businesses have their own special skillset, and each business aspires to be the best in their respective markets.

All businesses operate independently, and under their own brands. To create even higher value for their customers, Bravedo businesses may collaborate by sharing customer & market insights, creating co-offerings, developing new solutions by pooling skillsets of several businesses, sparring each other to become better; the list goes on.


Our member companies provide a broad range of services that help businesses and individuals thrive in the ongoing transformation of work. Read more...



We are continuously developing our combined technology capabilities by applying a MECE (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive) philosophy in our tech community. Read more...



Our member companies are focused on innovative and flexible solutions that support the well-being of people, organizations, and communities. Read more...