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Strong on our own, virtually unbeatable together. 

What is a Supergroup?

Bravedo is a supergroup of companies that are on a mission to bring out the best of humanity through technology and services.


Our story started in the early days of the millennium when the construction business was booming, but a skilled employees were hard to find. Two students made the process of matching skilled employees with job vacancies a success story unlike any other when Barona, a Bravedo company, began reinventing staffing and recruitment.

Various start-ups, scale-ups, and hook-ups have led us to where we are today: a group of over 30 independent technology and service companies. We operate in 11 countries with combined net sales topping 600 million euros. We are not a corporation or an investor. We are a group of companies defined by bravery – with shared values, methods, and goals – whose skills complement each other. We are a supergroup.

We are Bravedo

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Heikki Raulo


Want to join the Bravedo supergroup?