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The best of humanity through technology and services.

Unique solutions for different needs. 

We help businesses and society reinvent themselves. 


We help businesses and society reinvent themselves. 

By combining strong industry expertise with the best human potential and the most appropriate technology, we help our clients and partners to reinvent themselves and their operations.


Bravedo’s strength is in meeting your unique needs, big or small, through an agile group of companies with shared methods and values and vast expertise. By uniting our competencies in new ways, we create solutions that bring you measurable value. Our community shapes itself according to the needs of our clients rather than being limited by the barriers or drivers of a single organization. 




People & Competencies

Comprehensive development of working life and professional competencies. 

Service development & outsourcing

Comprehensive services that bring together industry expertise, process knowledge, data, and technologies.

Digital products & services

Accelerating growth and efficiency through scalable SaaS systems.

Software development & maintenance

Research, design, project management, DevOps, and maintenance. 

Data & automation

From process architecture development to workflow automation utilizing data, automation, and AI solutions. 

Strategy & Processes

Multidisciplinary research and co-creation for problem solving, insights, and applied solutions.

Ready to solve your future problems today?


Tomi Pättö


Ready to solve your future problems today?